Hardcore …

Well I’m back. I thought I would start off with something small to get back into the swing of things.

In an unamed beta I’m currently playing they have an option for a hardcore mode, that is to say you create your character and play through the game as you would normally. The kicker is when you die your character dies and is gone for good, back to the drawing board with you …. now I dont usually subscribe to this type of hardcore mode but this is beta so I thought i would give it ago. Wow … what a blast it is, really puts you on edge and makes you think statergy more than in softcore mode. Its like a whole new game … Continue Reading »


Hiatus …

Its not often I let real life overflow into the on line world, but due to the passing of one of lifes truely bright stars, my wifes ‘nanny’, a women who never saw the negative in you, a freind to all and grandmother for all who needed one.  I will be taking a break from blogging. I will be back when the time is right. ‘Travel safely and Free Sara’

Pixie out

hmmm if this is anything to go by then Sept 19 th will see the preorder lauch day for Pirates of the Burning Sea … thankyou

(Ok enought of the News Thing I’ll leave that to Brent)

Title about says it all. Huxley is going into beta … Tabula Rasa has been given its notice …

Heroism … where art thou

Not sure how many of you have come across this but for me the sense of herioc adventurer is seemingly lacking in current mmo’s.

I mean I spend a good proportion of my time, killing monsters, loot monsters, sell loot, buy a different sword, kill another series of monster, loot mosnter, sell loot and buy a different sword … Continue Reading »

Gee thanks Darren

Darren over at the Common Sense Gamer hit me up with this meme. I usually dont do them but as a one off here is some details you probably couldnt careless about …. Continue Reading »

Its not often i get to sit down and even less often do I get struck with a sudden epithany … incidently no apples were involved or harmed in this situation. But I do have a funny story about that, but perhaps another time …. anyway where was I, ah yes epthany. It occured to me that there seems to be a trend in my mmo gaming, and one I’m sure you all have experienced. I join a mmo, start out as an individual, progress a little further in to the game and start looking / forming a small social group of freinds to group with. After more time passes I find that I move (re forced) from the small social circle in to a bigger social circle, guilds by the games itself. Continue Reading »