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Wth is this …

First of let me paint a picture for you …. “You are dungeon crawling down to a dragon to retrieve an item from its horde. You get there, you group is primed to jump the dragon, hamstring it, whilst you plunge you sword of dragon slaying into the beats heart. The dragon notices your group, it turns to face you and takes a deep breath ….” Now in most situations you would expect the dragon to unleash its fiery breath at you and promptly tear the nearest wizard a new one. However in the situation it turns towards the group and *puts story on pause* (more…)


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Heroism … where art thou

Not sure how many of you have come across this but for me the sense of herioc adventurer is seemingly lacking in current mmo’s.

I mean I spend a good proportion of my time, killing monsters, loot monsters, sell loot, buy a different sword, kill another series of monster, loot mosnter, sell loot and buy a different sword … (more…)

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Well it appears that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to the Wow expansion. Now I’m not going to really discuss it here as others have done a much better job at it than me, and to be honest, I’m really not the enthusied about it anyway. Its the same ole same ole, nothing ground breaking or innovative here. Which is odd considering the competition that is coming out over the next six months. However i did notice the siege and destroyable buildings part of the releases that have been floating around …. hmmm you think they are feeling the pressure from War already …. anyway on to more pressing things ..

I joined EQ2, yes I know the horror of it, but seeing as everyone and there mother seems to be playing at the moment then I thought I better take another look. So far so good, nothing exceptional, solid game play …. I’m playing a necro, which for me is unusual as I usually play axe weilding manics who make leroy jenkins run in terror …. but the necro is a nice change in a emo fiary kind of way … (more…)

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Sony, what art thou doing

Can you honestly say you really give a damn about this … I mean good god (yes pun intended). You know I’m sure the church has far better things to worry about than a game depicting a shoot up in a cathedral, and why now ?

I’m sure there have been many other instances where ‘moral abiquity’ was in question in games and religion


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