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So dx 10 is out for AoC and damn does it look good. A sytem hog, hell yes. In fact its almost chopping my fps down by 2/3’s. However on average with maxed out settings @ 1680 x 1050 with AA x8 / 16 and dx 10 running, less grass physics I get on average 25 fps. So really not to bad.

I can safely say AoC is the most beautiful game out there. I will be returning to the sanctum of the burning souls on my 30 something conqueror to have a look see at that and taking my shaman back through the craddle of decay for picture ops.

Fields of the Dead

Fields of the Dead

Question is, is Dx10 really the way to go for an Mmo ?

More stuff to come as I setttle back in to blogging. If i get time between War and AoC.

Oh and a shout out to my fellow CoW’s … got to love these guys, best group out there for any game you want to play.

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The NYtimes had an intersting article regarding how games seem to be moving away from the elf conventions we have become accumstomed to since 2004. I’m not sure I agree with it all but I will be a happy camper as I think the Elf thing has been done to death … and some times not to well in our mmo worlds…

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Ok is it me or has questing remained the least explored medium in mmo’s as opposed the advanced made in other areas of mmo design, graphics, travel routes, voice etc. I remember back in the dark days of my youth playing pc games and recieving quests exactly the same way as most mmo’s do now, well with the exception of yellow glowy questions marks hovering over the quest givers heads. Quests design seems to stalling out with one concept of quest trees. Talk to quest giver, read paragraph, click yes button, read next paragraph, click next, do you accept quest, click yes and off you go on your merry little way….. (more…)

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Hardcore …

Well I’m back. I thought I would start off with something small to get back into the swing of things.

In an unamed beta I’m currently playing they have an option for a hardcore mode, that is to say you create your character and play through the game as you would normally. The kicker is when you die your character dies and is gone for good, back to the drawing board with you …. now I dont usually subscribe to this type of hardcore mode but this is beta so I thought i would give it ago. Wow … what a blast it is, really puts you on edge and makes you think statergy more than in softcore mode. Its like a whole new game … (more…)

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Gee thanks Darren

Darren over at the Common Sense Gamer hit me up with this meme. I usually dont do them but as a one off here is some details you probably couldnt careless about …. (more…)

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The most important …

Just curious as to what you all think are the 5 most important elements that, if you were to design a future mmo must be in the game or there to support the game… if any devs actually read this (ha ha) throw your 2 cents in as well … (more…)

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We have an NDA down … medic

Ok, hot off the press is TR’s nda is down, reports are coming in from all over the blogging sphere. Ranging from it is good, it is bad, to it just plain sucks balls  …

Well I’m going to chime in here, but not review the game, that will be done to death by other bloggers I’m sure. What I want to look at is the innovative stuff that this game brings to the mmo market, and are we ready for these changes …. and what you think about these new concepts (more…)

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