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Day 44 out of the humid tropics of the Tortage arcapeligo and words still fail me on how to express the sights and sounds I have seen. From the white towers of the port city of Tarantia, the ancient and infernally hot desert of Khemi, to the war torn Cimmerian home lands.


field of the dead

Each unique in there beauty and defy description. However as with everything, the beauty only runs skin deep, underneath is a bubbling morass of evil, tainting everythingit touches and creating a dark horror that leaves you breathless, weeping for the damned and faceless individual corrupted by its touch.



I have night terrors from my experiences within the walls of the sanctum of the burning souls. A dark and oppressive ruin of a once acheronian strong hold. A place where the unquiet dead stalk its halls, where its ancient masters presence can still be felt casting shadows and corruption far across the countryside.

approaching the sanctum of the burning souls


Where am I, I am 3 days out from the nearest town. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a band of brave and stalwart adventurers, awaiting the warmth of the morning sun to wash over us, before you again step forth into this infernal place to face our fears and gain some new ones ………


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