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So dx 10 is out for AoC and damn does it look good. A sytem hog, hell yes. In fact its almost chopping my fps down by 2/3’s. However on average with maxed out settings @ 1680 x 1050 with AA x8 / 16 and dx 10 running, less grass physics I get on average 25 fps. So really not to bad.

I can safely say AoC is the most beautiful game out there. I will be returning to the sanctum of the burning souls on my 30 something conqueror to have a look see at that and taking my shaman back through the craddle of decay for picture ops.

Fields of the Dead

Fields of the Dead

Question is, is Dx10 really the way to go for an Mmo ?

More stuff to come as I setttle back in to blogging. If i get time between War and AoC.

Oh and a shout out to my fellow CoW’s … got to love these guys, best group out there for any game you want to play.

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will be back to blogging very soon, so keep tuned

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