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Ok so Bioschock has been out a week or so and from all accounts (including me) it is an outstanding game, providing you are into fps games. Now as mmo players why do we care about fps ? … good question … Quite simply to see what makes a great game and what parts can we incorporate into designing mmo’s to give it that single player expereince in a multiplayer world …

What i dont want to do is review Bioshock, that has been done to death by better people than me. What I want to look at some of the more aesthetic sides of the game … you know how do they achieve those wow moments, the environment etc … can they be incorporated into a mmo (more…)


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Ok so I have been on this character creation kick and not feeling the conection to the environment I’m playing in …. so I decided to go to the source. I strapped on my spandex and colorful underware,  and went out and got myself City of Heros, City of Villians deluxe edition. I figured $29.00 was not a bad price. Plus I signed up for 14 days free trial and so I have just under 45 days of game play for a measly $29.00…. (more…)

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In the last 8 years or so, how many major revoltuionary steps can you think of has the mmorpg design gone through … 3d graphics and instancing springs to mind but really after that nothing else. Sure network architecture has improved allowing improvements in the back end and the availability of high speed internet to the general unwashed masses, but really design of mmorpgs has remained stagnant …

Just look at single player games or online fps games, how many revolutionary steps have they gone through in the last 8 years … a darn sight more than mmorpgs. So what is the issue ?  (more…)

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The 30 minute challenge

So the challenge for today, since its Friday and are brains are heading for weekend mode, I thought I would see if I could not kick the ole grey matter in to creative gear and design a concept of a mmorpg in 30 minutes …. lunch break.

So if you feel the need to get jiggy with creativity (yes it ryhmes) have it, remeber 30 minutes tops. (more…)

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Ok well I’m about 5 days in on my foray into Eq 2 and so far I can see why people like it. Is it right for me, time will tell, however I have already been bitten by the alt-itus bug and currently playing 4 different character on AB. Is that good or bad … well its on the slippery slope to the 8th layer of hell. I just dont feel the connection to the characters or the environment they are in. Again I think its the lack of character customization … (more…)

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Well it appears that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to the Wow expansion. Now I’m not going to really discuss it here as others have done a much better job at it than me, and to be honest, I’m really not the enthusied about it anyway. Its the same ole same ole, nothing ground breaking or innovative here. Which is odd considering the competition that is coming out over the next six months. However i did notice the siege and destroyable buildings part of the releases that have been floating around …. hmmm you think they are feeling the pressure from War already …. anyway on to more pressing things ..

I joined EQ2, yes I know the horror of it, but seeing as everyone and there mother seems to be playing at the moment then I thought I better take another look. So far so good, nothing exceptional, solid game play …. I’m playing a necro, which for me is unusual as I usually play axe weilding manics who make leroy jenkins run in terror …. but the necro is a nice change in a emo fiary kind of way … (more…)

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Gencon Indy

Just curious if anyone is heading out to the gencon in August ?

Oh incidently Bildo has a great link for pirate names if you need one for potbs. Will sort my one out later on this week …

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