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“Decisions Determine Destiny” can be clearly demonstrated with the decisions we make regarding how we use our time.  Time, they say, is the true currency of life.  It is the great equalizer, the one thing every person regardless of circumstance wakes up with an equal amount of.  It is how we decide to spend this currency that determines our destiny.  Wasted time equals wasted potential, wasted growth. This applies to our lives both in and out of mmorpg worlds. (more…)


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Since there seems to be a certain quiteness in the mmorpg world I thought I would look at the trend of devleoping mmorpgs based on well known IP’s. We currently have Warhammer, Age Of Conan, Stargate, Star Trek on the horizon and the recent release of Lord of the Rings what IP is next …?

There certainly seems to be a slight trend in jumping on to the IP wagon and It does have plenty of merits, well known environments that people can instantly relate to, no need to build up an extensive world background, and an inbuilt audience. However is there room for more ? (more…)

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Darren over at the ‘common sense gamer’ put up an intersting discussion regarding Age Of Conan and its rating and essentailly the implications of this.

As with all things that generally relate to Strangelands I thought now would be a good time to see what type of rating you would aim for when thinking of designing a Mmorpg.


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Death is certainly something we are all used to in mmorpg’s and is one the sparks much debate in the gaming community. Now I’m sure death has been discussed many times by many people and yet it still remains probably the least satisfying experience in most of the games we play. Should it be a tough penalty ? Corpse runs and experience penalties or should it be just a mere annoyance ? You die spawn back as a ghost and run back to your corpse. (more…)

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Well this clinches it for me, Lotro is the casual gamers mmorpg …

All set pieces will soon drop in Helegrod! No more boots and gloves only! We listened, we heard, we agreed, and we tweaked pretty heavily. Now that is not to say that you only have to go to Helegrod to get the epic set pieces. Also… All set pieces will soon drop outside of Helegrod! We know that there are a lot of players who feel that raiding is not for them so on a much lower percentage, we have high level monsters possibly dropping set pieces. Enjoy!

Raiding is not going to be the only way to get your set pieces, thank fuck for that. There is hope for me to look swish in fancy armour … yay Turbine

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As a follow up to my Episodic Mmorpg question I found a great follow up quote from Max power over at Gameindusrty.biz

“Episodic content gives you a lot of options on how you want to consume the game. As opposed to, say, Halo, where you go buy it and you spend your three weeks getting to the end of it and then you’re done. You have one consumption option whereas with episodic gaming you have a lot of options – and people seem to like choice.”

So are we as consumers too stuck in our old mmorpg ways or can we adjust to episodic content … ? (more…)

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Whilst bored at work, which seems to happen more often than not in the customer service sector, I came across an intersting article in a gaming mag the wife *waves* bought for me.

It was talking about the nature of single player rpg games and how the newer generations of games are making waves by usuing dynamic mission based (more…)

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