age of conan

Day 44 out of the humid tropics of the Tortage arcapeligo and words still fail me on how to express the sights and sounds I have seen. From the white towers of the port city of Tarantia, the ancient and infernally hot desert of Khemi, to the war torn Cimmerian home lands.


field of the dead

Each unique in there beauty and defy description. However as with everything, the beauty only runs skin deep, underneath is a bubbling morass of evil, tainting everythingit touches and creating a dark horror that leaves you breathless, weeping for the damned and faceless individual corrupted by its touch.



I have night terrors from my experiences within the walls of the sanctum of the burning souls. A dark and oppressive ruin of a once acheronian strong hold. A place where the unquiet dead stalk its halls, where its ancient masters presence can still be felt casting shadows and corruption far across the countryside.

approaching the sanctum of the burning souls


Where am I, I am 3 days out from the nearest town. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a band of brave and stalwart adventurers, awaiting the warmth of the morning sun to wash over us, before you again step forth into this infernal place to face our fears and gain some new ones ………

So dx 10 is out for AoC and damn does it look good. A sytem hog, hell yes. In fact its almost chopping my fps down by 2/3’s. However on average with maxed out settings @ 1680 x 1050 with AA x8 / 16 and dx 10 running, less grass physics I get on average 25 fps. So really not to bad.

I can safely say AoC is the most beautiful game out there. I will be returning to the sanctum of the burning souls on my 30 something conqueror to have a look see at that and taking my shaman back through the craddle of decay for picture ops.

Fields of the Dead

Fields of the Dead

Question is, is Dx10 really the way to go for an Mmo ?

More stuff to come as I setttle back in to blogging. If i get time between War and AoC.

Oh and a shout out to my fellow CoW’s … got to love these guys, best group out there for any game you want to play.

will be back to blogging very soon, so keep tuned

The NYtimes had an intersting article regarding how games seem to be moving away from the elf conventions we have become accumstomed to since 2004. I’m not sure I agree with it all but I will be a happy camper as I think the Elf thing has been done to death … and some times not to well in our mmo worlds…

Wth is this …

First of let me paint a picture for you …. “You are dungeon crawling down to a dragon to retrieve an item from its horde. You get there, you group is primed to jump the dragon, hamstring it, whilst you plunge you sword of dragon slaying into the beats heart. The dragon notices your group, it turns to face you and takes a deep breath ….” Now in most situations you would expect the dragon to unleash its fiery breath at you and promptly tear the nearest wizard a new one. However in the situation it turns towards the group and *puts story on pause* Continue Reading »

Oh the horror …

Since all the other blogs about seen to be hung up on War beta shut down and the merits of Gods and Heros going under I though I steer clear of that .. just for the sake of not jumping on the band wagon.

However I’m feeling a little unfocused today, mainly as its day 2 of my journey towards giving up smoking. So i thought i would just ramble about a new passion I have found in the mmo world. No its not EQ II or Wow or any of the myriad of wow clones. Continue Reading »

Ok is it me or has questing remained the least explored medium in mmo’s as opposed the advanced made in other areas of mmo design, graphics, travel routes, voice etc. I remember back in the dark days of my youth playing pc games and recieving quests exactly the same way as most mmo’s do now, well with the exception of yellow glowy questions marks hovering over the quest givers heads. Quests design seems to stalling out with one concept of quest trees. Talk to quest giver, read paragraph, click yes button, read next paragraph, click next, do you accept quest, click yes and off you go on your merry little way….. Continue Reading »